Barrett Dining Hall- Breakfast Game Strong 

This morning was all about trying something new. In these past six weeks of college, I have yet to go to the dining hall for breakfast. But today, my suitemate decided to drag me out of bed and take me with her.. So I sacrificed those crucial extra moments of sleep (those moments of repeatedly pushing the snooze button until the absolute last minute) and got my lazy self out of bed. I thought I was giving something up, but really, to my surprise, I was gaining something else. You know those little things that happen to you that somehow have some sort of magical hold over you and make your whole day better? Yeah.. This was that kind of little thing. Sitting down with an omelet of ham and cheese (my fave) and a refreshing bowl of mixed fruit, and having a pleasant conversation with my suitemate definitely made my morning & my day for that matter. Now I’m sitting through my usual Thursday morning class, CIS, and instead of wishing I were somewhere else, anywhere else, I am peaceful, I am content. That little moment of pure joy, surprise, and relaxation before my day really took off really paid off. It’s all about the little things. I hope your day is off to a good start & if you haven’t had a distinct moment to define your day, look around you, at the amazing people in your life and the future that holds endless opportunities, and remember there is always something to be thankful for. It’s a good life.


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