The Time Has Arrived!

Not So Typical. I guess this blog name could right off the bat seem to mean (and I say this sparingly and actually quite shockingly over the fact that I still hear this word from time to time but I digress) not so “basic”- not being obscenely obvious. However, I don’t see it like that. When I decided to call my blog Not So Typical, I was just sitting curled up under a warm, fuzzy blanket half-awake, half-asleep, when it hit me. It’s all about being yourself, and accepting your differences as strengths and not weaknesses because of the mere fact that they contradict with others presumed strengths. To realize how much we truly have to offer, and to not be ashamed of our natural tendencies and awkwardness, because hell, I’m awkward all the time, but I don’t stop living my life because of it. I love being this mix of an outsider, an insider, a somebody, a nobody, and an anything I want to be. This life is full of endless opportunities and realizations that are waiting for us if we have the courage and the willingness to search and to pursue them. So, Not So Typical was born. Born to be an escape from everyday perfectionists and stereotypes, from I have to be one way or the other. Not So Typical is about real life: a life full of messy moments, huge and breathtaking adventures, love and lustful endeavors, pure and utter heartbreak, and those fun yet underrated laughs that mean everything. So here we discuss everything, anything, whatever. I am so excited to start this journey & I hope you are too because your involvement makes it all the more worthwhile. As I have the freedom to post about my life, my experiences, what’s going on, where I’ve been, etc., I hope you, the reader, will feel free to comment on any and every blog post; let’s start a little dialogue of our own. Also, my information is in the contact page if you would like to email me or contact me through other forms of social media. Anyway, as the title says, the time has arrived… MY time has arrived. Not So Typical here we go!


    1. Wow, this is the kind of response I love to hear! Thank you so much! It makes it so worthwhile to hear my blog can impact someone else’s life! On the sidebar you can enter your email to subscribe to my blog so when I post it goes straight to your email so you don’t always have to find my site in case you’re interested! Just posted a new one this morning, check it out!

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  1. “I love being this mix of an outsider, an insider, a somebody, a nobody, and an anything I want to be.”

    This is me also. I don’t fit a specific mold! Not that I’d want to, because that would be too typical! 😉

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I can’t wait to read more!


    1. I like that play on words alexa! Glad you liked the post, and I agree, it’s best to just be ourselves. Feel free to email subscribe on the main sidebar so you’ll have the convenience factor of getting my posts directly in your inbox!


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