The Real Hot Spot: Hayden Library

True life: I’m addicted to hayden.

For the first couple weeks of school, I had never even seen the library. I never knew where it was, I actually just found out it was basically underground last week.. pathetic right? But my point is, now that I know the library does exist, you can’t get me out of there. I always thought studying, which for me required privacy, in a public place was so backwards. I could never understand how that made sense to anyone, but then I tried it for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever been more productive in my life. So if you’re like me, the kind of person who really needs to focus, who really needs peace and quiet, the library does offer that. However, from my vast experience (just kidding, let’s remember it’s still a new obsession) I have found it’s also quite the social hour in there… the real hot spot. Last night I went to hayden with about 2 solid hours of CIS homework, an hour of revising my human event paper, and another hour of writing another paper for my movie class; but instead I found myself in a book club of some sorts. You know those book clubs your mom or a friend of your mom always talked about and how great they were, but really all they did was drink wine and gossip, well this was that… minus the wine. Last night was one of those nights you categorize as the most unproductive day of your life, but don’t you worry, I made up for it by going back to my dorm and staying up till 2am so that was fun… did I mention I made my suite mate stay up with me (she’s kind of my best friend- you’ll probably hear a lot about her). Anyway, the scoop on hayden is this: there’s a time for work and a time for play, better luck next time on knowing the difference.

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