Top 4 Favorite Places On Mill Ave

La Bocca. Ncounter. Fuzzy’s Tacos. Slickables. 

These are it folks, my favorite spots to grab a bite to eat or a late night treat close to campus. Mill Avenue is a great, local spot for meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile, celebrating birthdays, and if you’re old enough (which I’ve heard it’s pretty epic from some of my sorority sisters) hit up the bars and nightlife. One of the best parts about Mill for me is the convenience factor: I live on campus and Mill is right around the corner. It’s funny actually, my suite mate and I have started to become regulars at Zipps Sports Grill.. whenever we get tired of the dining hall menu we mix it up with a quick bike ride over to Mill and enjoy our shared fave: the buffalo chicken salad. Furthermore, another reason I love hanging out around Mill is for the school spirit and morale I see within the people around me and in the restaurants and stores themselves. Tempe offers the students at Arizona State the feeling of a small college town, and going to Mill Ave makes it feel like you’re right at home.

So, what’s my absolute favorite place on Mill?– I have to admit I pretty much love everything Mill has to offer, but there is one place in particular that repeatedly captures my soul every time I walk through the door, La Bocca. La Bocca is a small set restaurant that serves everything from pizza to pasta to salad and much more (the Italian feel). One of my favorite items on their menu is their salami and pesto bruschetta, trust me, you will not be sorry. One of the reasons this restaurant is so enjoyable is due to its’ atmosphere; I swear they have the best playlists: the perfect mix of throwbacks and new material. Also, the food never disappoints. I’ve taken many of my (non-experienced La Bocca) friends here before, I talk it up like it’s the best thing ever, and in dealing with other subjects, that tends to backfire, but never when I’m talking about La Bocca.

My next favorite place on Mill is Ncounter, a popular breakfast spot for all walks of life: the hungover student, the early riser, the breakfast enthusiast (my kind of people), the local, the anyone, and the everyone. Ncounter has a wide variety of breakfast items, such as waffles, pancakes, french toast, omletes, parfaits, and killer smoothies. My favorite is the cheese omlete (add the ham) with a side of either potatoes or fruit depending on how healthy I feel like being. However, no matter what your breakfast dish of choice is, Ncounter has plenty to offer. 

Next on the list is a restaurant with a particularly memorable name, Fuzzy’s Tacos. My go to order is the shredded beef tacos. Now, let me be the first to say, the first time I went to Fuzzy’s was last year before a football game and I wasn’t impressed. However, last week I went to Taco Tuesday, a reoccurring event every Tuesday night, and my entire opinion changed. I still can’t figure out what the difference between last week and last year was, but all I know for sure is that these are probably some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. Plus, Taco Tuesday is a perfect way to start your week with a little excitement and good company. 

The last, although more than not catorgorized as a desert shop than a restaurant, is the majestic Slickables. This is the place that when you start to explain it to someone they might not recognize the name right away, but as soon as you start to explain the concept of their desert, they immediately know what you’re ranting on about. Slickables is famous for their cookie ice cream sandwiches. When you walk through the door, you pick your favorite kind of cookie (or you can be a rebel and pick two different kinds of cookies) and your favorite flavor of ice cream, and they make you a customized sandwich. My ice cream sandwich consists of two funfetti cookies and birthday cake ice cream… simply delicious.

Now, here’s the best part of all. Two of my favorite places are right next door to each other: La Bocca and Slickables. This has accounted for a countless number of dinner dates, followed by a sweet treat. Next time you are looking for something to do on a random Saturday night, or any night of the week, try out Mill Ave. 


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