Stressed 0 To 100 Real Quick

Today I’ve really felt overwhelmed by everything. It has been one of those days where every little thing seems to weigh so heavily on my heart, and against all my efforts, the feeling is unshakeable. I don’t say it often, but today, I am seriously stressed. It’s that kind of stressed where you feel like a never ending list of things you have to do are continuously circling your brain, and that a 24-hour day just isn’t long enough to get everything done. So, if you’re having a day like mine, a day filled with overthinking, rushing, burden, stress, and a feeling as if a weight is carrying you down, remember to keep your head up. It is so crucial in moments like these to not give up and to persevere even when our bodies are at the breaking point and it feels as if our minds are about to explode. Take it from me, I understand how college is, or life for that matter, but the only way to get through times like this is to be willing to accept the circumstance and fight on. Trust me, I’d rather do anything or be anywhere else than sitting in my dorm room doing my calculus homework and reading the Iliad, but sometimes we have to go through the hardships and the late nights to get to the success we all dream of. Our hopes, our dreams, our futures, they are all out there waiting for us, and it’s up to us to seize the day and make the most out of it. It’s a hard thing to find motivation in times of stressful situations, but in the long run, finding the strength to endure our challenges in life and face them head-on, will take us further in our endeavors. With that being said, I should probably stop blogging for now and get back to work, so I’ll leave you with these final words: take advantage of the time you have now to work hard, so that later in life, you can look back with no regrets and know that you accomplished your goals. I think this is what we’re all really after anyway.. a life without regret.


  1. “My wish for you”
    Jessie, I wish less complicated days
    With Outstanding success in every way
    May you keep your positive energy and
    Continue to share it without worry
    You are an exceptional young lady
    With the discipline and vision that’s
    May you always remember how special you are and never loose your focus
    You are my inspiration.



  2. I think it is important to remember that it is easy to lose sight of the little things….those little things allow us to deal with the bigger picture. You can only fit so much into a day and sometimes you need to step away, take a walk, drink coffee with friends and allow time for reflection. Remember, take little steps. I wish you a less stressful day tomorrow. Pixieannie


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