What’s Up Wednesdays & Thursdays

Wednesday is usually categorized as the “hump day” of the week, the middle of the typical work or school week. However, for the past seven weeks, as the new college student that I am, I’ve realized something about Wednesdays… the meaning has totally changed for me. In high school, every week of school consisted of 5 days worth of classes so like the common phrase says, Wednesdays = hump days. However, now I only attend school Monday through Thursday, so when Wednesday finally rolls around, I find myself feeling so much relief and stress-free because I know I only have one more day of school (2.5 hours worth) and it’s the weekend. Another thing I’ve noticed since I started college, that truly plays tricks on my mind from time to time making me believe it’s another day than it actually is, but then again is really the best thing ever, is that Thursday basically becomes your Friday in college. What I mean by this is that Thursday, if you choose, can become your first night of the weekend; no more waiting till Friday’s. College is this new world of experiences and adventures, and the little things like these make the journey all the better. In the spirit of looking on the bright side, today these were just some thoughts that were circling my mind, and that made my day a little easier, a little happier. We all need those little reminders of encouragement and excitement sometimes, and for me, today I needed two.


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