Big/Little Week

Big’s & Little’s are a long held tradition in the Greek community where older, active members become big sisters to new members of the sisterhood, who in return, become their little sisters. I have always thought this was such a cute way to make everyone feel absolutely special and loved, as they should, but to also reinforce sisterhood and the commitment we have to one another. So, for the past couple of days I have been receiving a gift everyday from my mystery big! Everyday I walk across the street to Adelphi, the building that houses all the sororities on campus, and everyday I walk into the chapter room to find the most amazingly crafted, original, and thoughtful gifts I have ever seen (pictured below). I cannot wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I finally find out who my big is, and knowing me I will probably hug her, never let her go, and never stop thanking her for all the love she sends my way. I am already obsessed with her, and I cannot wait to spoil her right back. Tomorrow cannot come fast enough.


TLAM (Theta Love & Mine)

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