Got My Theta Fam

This weekend was one for the books. It was pure and utter bliss. Big & Little Reveal was one of those moments that’s hard to capture in words… because how can one explain what it’s like to feel such joy and happiness. But I will try. The morning of reveal I had no idea who my Big would turn out to be, but by the end of the event, I found myself in the perfect little Theta family. I became a twin with another member in my new member class named Lindsey, and we found our Big, the one we had both been hoping for, another girl named Lindsey. So, my twin and my Big are both named Lindsey… you can imagine how confusing our conversations can get. I never expected to become a twin, but it’s honestly the best thing that could of happened. Now we get to share in all the experiences together. In our little family, we also have a GrandBig, her name’s Alli. Alli is off adventuring and exploring around Argentina for a study abroad right now so I have yet to meet my G-biggie, but I can’t wait for January when I do. My Theta family may be small, but we’re mighty.

Lindsey: Big & Lindsey: Twin
Lindsey: Big & Lindsey: Twin (Alli : GrandBig)


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