10 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained on a Road Trip

I am currently traveling to a mystery location on a bus filled with all my sorority sisters. To where you might ask? We are just as curious as you. Our Sisterhood Director has planned a getaway retreat for our sorority, but is withholding key information: where the bus is taking us. At this moment, we are blindly riding along as the weather outside begins to drop and the anticipation inside begins to rise. In the spirit of my twin (my sorority twin) and I trying to entertain ourselves, we have come up with 10 ways to make any road trip a fun one. 

1. Bring LOTS of snacks. Don’t rely on stopping along the way. Be prepared beforehand and grab your favorite munchies and drinks. 

2. Ride with friends. I can’t imagine anything more miserable than being stuck in a car with people you don’t really like, so choose your traveling buddies wisely (like sisters, duh). 

3. Charge your phone. At some point you will want to snapchat your friends, take pictures of the scenery, or check all 10 of your social media sites. You don’t want to be the one whose phone dies. 

4. Good ole’ pillow and blanket. Bring it. 

5. Make sure the aux cord is in good hands. Nothing’s worse than that person who starts to play smooth jazz in the middle of a rave. 

6. Don’t be afraid to be you. If you want to sing at the top of your lungs or have a full on rap battle, you do you. 

7. Long car rides are great opportunities for those heart to heart moments, those chances to better connect with friends or family. Take the time to get to know someone better… You would be surprised what you can learn about a person. 

8. Dress appropriately. If you are going somewhere chilly, you should probably bring a jacket & if you are going to the beach, maybe think about packing a swimsuit… But that’s just me. 

9. Try not to be the annoying kid in Are We There Yet asking “are we there yet”!!!!! Ice Cube is not your driver and you are better than that. 

10. Be comfy. Road trips can either be the most uncomfortable, long experiences of your life or they can be enjoyable, bonding moments between fellow riders. It’s your choice. 

Happy traveling.


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