Veterans Day: Honoring Our Heroes

Yesterday was a very important day to my family: Veterans Day. A day to honor all the fallen heroes and all those who have served our beautiful country with undying strength and commitment. In my family, both my grandparents and my uncle have served our country. Every year, my mother, brother, and I go to the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona to visit our uncle (my mother’s brother). This is a standing tradition in our family; it is important to remember the service each man and woman has given to this country, and in honor of our safety and in ensuring our normalcy. Regardless of being prepared for this day every year, it never gets easier. Losing a loved one, a loved one so dearly admired and loved by each and every one of us so deeply, is a hard thing. Although it’s a sad moment to remember they are gone, we travel to the cemetery to celebrate. We commend these men and women for their bravery, courage, and service. We say thank you and let them know they are missed. Although we think of our uncle often, this day every year, we go to him. We stand with him, surrounded by the countless number of fallen heroes, and we love him. We thank him for watching over our family, for being such an amazing uncle forever and always, and for preparing our places next to him with God.

May all those who have fallen in battle rest in peace & thank you to all the men and women who have fearlessly served this beautiful country we call home.

Paul J. Jones { AMN US Air Force  Vietnam }
Paul J. Jones { AMN US Air Force Vietnam }

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