What I Am Most Looking Forward To This Holiday Season

In a few short days, on this Thursday, November 26, 2015, it is Thanksgiving. A few days from this moment is a day filled with family interactions and closeness. A day of giving thanks and rejoicing in this wonderful life together. I cannot wait for this day, for these next couple of days to pass by. One of my absolute favorite things is spending time with my family, and simply enjoying each others company.  3 more days.

After the day of stuffing our faces, football, and family fun, some of you (if you are anything like my family) will pass out on the couch together and take a family nap. Perhaps you may even head out in the early morning or pull an all nighter to attend the madness that is Black Friday. I salute you. I have done Black Friday twice, and both times I have had such a blast rummaging through stores, practically walking around like a zombie (because lack of sleep) with my friends, and after the day is done, passing out for the rest of the day. However, in my opinion, the best part about Black Friday is the  leftovers. Every year my family loves to take home all the leftovers and continuously stuff our faces because apparently we didn’t get enough on Thanksgiving.

This year is going to be different than any Thanksgiving we have ever had before. This is the first year that my dad has ever been in another state during the holiday season. I have to admit, it will be rather strange without his laughter filling the room, his sports commentary during the annual Thanksgiving football game, and with someone else filling his spot at the dinner table. However, as the saying goes, we are in each other’s hearts. Although we will physically be in different places, we are family, and therefore, we are never truly a part. Even though we will miss one holiday together, it brings me great joy and resolve to know that my dad will be arriving on December 24th, just in time for Christmas. Keeping this in mind, I cannot spend too much time doing anything other than looking forward to his arrival.

So, what’s next? I’ve covered my utter excitement for Thanksgiving food and Black Friday shenanigans, which means the next order of business is Christmas. Oh, Christmas. A time of cookie galore, never ending santa movies, wrapping presents, and cherished family time. This Christmas, I am so thankful for college. This first semester has given me some of my best friends, greatest memories, and already so many opportunities to get involved. I am grateful for ASU. I am also grateful for the month off from school that comes along with it and the sleep I will get to catch up on, but I’m guessing every college student is.

What can I say… I love the holidays, I love family time, & I love the break it brings. Three of my favorite things in this world. As the season of holidays kicks off on Thursday, I would like to pose a question to you. What is your favorite holiday memory? Any holiday, any memory, anything that is meaningful to you.

Happy reminiscing & happy holidays.



  1. Great post! One of my best Christmas memories was watching you and Taylor open a gift of a tissue box that you didn’t know was full of money instead of tissue. The look on your face when you thought it was just a box of tissues was priceless.


  2. I don’t think I can pick just one…maybe I can narrow it down to three. I have a really bad memory and only remember snipits from my childhood, but thanks to the one and only family home video we have I do have memory number one: one particular Christmas morning of opening presents and playing with them the rest of the day. 2) Christmas Eve at my grandma’s. We always had wine, shrimp, coffee and pastries, watched James Bond, and played card games. I cherish them even more since she passed away a couple years ago. 3) My dad used to get HUGE Christmas trees and when I was little I’d eat chicken and stars soup in front of it and then sit in my dad’s lap in front of the fireplace and just stare at the tree. 🙂


    1. Those are some wonderful memories, and the second sounds a lot like the Christmas Eve’s I have ever year. As each year rolls around, my family goes to mass and then spends the evening at my grandma’s house for dinner. I love tradition. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Holidays for my family have always been big celebrations. Now that alot of us have gotten older and moved off its much harder to get together like we used to! Its so hard to narrow down one particular memory.
    I would have to say the memories of all of my 1st cousins getting together @ Thanksgiving & playing outside in the leaves, arguing, laughing, and eating so much food. We were are so very close back then!
    I enjoyed reading your post! 🙂


  4. I love this – the most important thing about the holidays is getting together with family! My sister is finally coming back after a year away so I can relate to missing your dad. Not long now! Hope you have an amazing Christmas! 🙂


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