How Would You Describe Yourself? 

One question we don’t ask ourselves too often, but one others may from time to time be brave enough to propose. For these circumstances, whether it’s a common question or a soul searching moment, it’s good to have a couple go-to adjectives that you believe sum up your personality and who you are. For me, it was pretty easy to choose which words represent me. To write on my hands and present to the world, my words are fun and smiley. One may seem like a rather generic answer, while on the other hand (literally and figuratively), the other may seem a tad bit out of place. My reasons behind them are the person I believe I am and further, the person I aspire to be. Fun: someone who strives to live a grand, open-hearted, and adventurous life without regrets and by taking chances. & Smiley: a person who cherishes every moment, appreciates the little things, accepts the challenges, and faces life with a smile (the cheesier the better). So, it’s more than taking the words at face value, for having fun and smiling. Although I try to do both, my ambitions run much deeper than that. It’s about becoming a better version of myself, one that desires to fulfill her dreams and hopes, conquer her fears, reach heights she never dreamed were possible, and live a life full of love and close relationships.

So… if you were asked today what are the two words that describe who you are… what would you say?


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