Getting Over Anxiety 

I think the key to getting over any form of anxiety we carry around is by just facing it head on. How’s that for subtlety? But seriously.. how can we expect to move on, to get over, or to conquer our demons if we don’t plunge full ahead into the unknown abyss? I know it sounds terrifying, and quite frankly, it can be. 

Think about it this way: if we let everything that scares us or challenges us stop us, than what’s the point? How will we ever do anything that’s worthwhile? 

I propose that the best strategy is to dive in. Perhaps there will be a safety net to catch you and perhaps you will fall flat on your face, but the real crucial point is not whether you succeed or fail in that moment, it is whether no matter what, you try and try again. Success comes with patience, dedication, and perseverance amongst all odds. Like those wise people always say, good things take time. 

Today I walked into my public speaking class and I was anxious. I was unsure if I would stutter, get caught up in my words, and get flustered by all the eyes staring at me. I didn’t know what would happen, which is one of the most daunting feelings of them all. But, I took the plunge. I thought about the advice I would give to someone else if a friend were in this predicament. I thought for once I would do what people, including myself, fail to do so often: take their own advice. So, I did just that. 

I am pleased to report that anxiety is conquerable. I may not have been perfect, but who is? Perfect is but a myth, a false sense a reality that we so desperately strive for but so rarely obtain. I was good, and I am happy with good. 

Moral of this story: anxiety doesn’t own me or you or anyone unless you let it; so dive in and be happy with whatever the outcome because regardless, you faced a fear and got a little be stronger today. 


  1. I actually went to a conference to learn about anxiety and they basically said the treatment or answer is exposure therapy. In other words, or in your words, “…the best strategy is to dive in.” To face your fears. X

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  2. I love that last line! I’ve been under lots of anxiety the past 2 weeks, having little freak out sessions where I want to pull my hair out. But you’re right: no matter the outcome, I tried and got a little bit stronger. 🙂


  3. Well done – it’s so true, fear can be debilitating if you let it. I once read a great book by Susan Jeffers called ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’. It’s an easy read but really helped me recognise that the way I was thinking was holding me back – following a series of ‘panic attacks’ I went to see a hypnotherapist which really helped and then I went on to train as a hypnotherapist myself a few years later and that ‘power of the mind’ has been a lifelong interest ever since.. It’s fantastic that you have learned the lesson already – you are heading for an amazing life with the knowledge you have..


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