Summertime Shine

This summer, the weather isn’t the only thing thriving here in az. Although it’s worth the discussion due to the heat now cutting into my enjoyable 9am hikes and allowing my car to burn me every time I step foot in it; however, the real thriving is actually happening else where.

This summer I was offered a position at the American Diabetes Association as their Events Intern, and of course, I said yes. Most of my time has been spent going to meetings after meetings after meetings (I finally understand why I always receive that “I can’t talk right now” automated text when my mom is too busy to answer her phone or text me back for real when she’s at work). The organization is preparing for their largest event held in the summertime, The Father of the Year Awards. So, naturally these meetings range anywhere from discussing about the auctions that will take place during the event, the decorations and calls to the florist, and basically anything related to this event as it’s only 2 weeks away (so it’s our main focus). Other than communicating with the development team and the rest of the office, I do the typical intern thing: spreadsheets, research, and more spreadsheets. But hey, I haven’t had to get anyone coffee so I guess I’m doing alright.

I may joke about it, but so far this internship, and the experiences and work that have come along with it have been incredible. Sometimes in the office when we’re discussing a key feature to the event or making a big decision, I think about how my fool’s dream of being an event planner may come true one day.

Stay shining.

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