Second Homes 

6.9.16 – 6.13.16

This weekend (plus a couple extra days to really make it last) my mother and I headed out to Reno, Nevada to visit my father (her husband). However, I have to admit this weekend has also been the perfect getaway as the Arizona heat has begun to reach up to 115 degrees. It was our chance to visit our new second home (as my father just moved here for work), and if all this wasn’t enough, it was also my parent’s 23rd wedding anniversary. So, you could say we had just a few reasons to make our way up here.

As is usual in our household, we are people who love to shop, eat, enjoy the scenery, go to movies, and watch crime shows, which are all things we took with us to Reno. This weekend was a time for the three of us to find new hangouts, discover where the best eats in town are, and see what Reno has to offer. After this weekend, I am able to say that at the bare minimum, we know where the good places to eat are (and trust me, there’s a lot of good food here).

All in all, we’re happy to report the trip was family filled, food filled, and fun filled. And we still have tomorrow morning to revisit our new favorite breakfast place before our flight back home to AZ.

Until next time Reno, xoxo.




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