You Can Call Me Nanny Jess

Over the next week, I will be in Laguna Beach pretending to be a mom and hanging out with “my” 3 kids. I will be picking up and dropping off the kiddos at school, and making lunches and packing backpacks, while playing mom the best I know how.

I’m basically getting a whole week of hanging out with my 3 favorite little people, and getting to spend time at the beach and do some California shopping. It’s technically a job, but when you listen to what people say: “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”; The actual work becomes trivial when you are doing something that truly makes you happy.

Today marks day 1 of my adventures as Nanny Jess. Here’s our day so far:

  • We watched about 3 episodes of Sophia The First before we got distracted with our iPads and watched how-to videos on YouTube
  • Typical morning routine of breakfast, getting dressed, brushing our teeth, and grabbing our car ride dollie
  • Drop off at school

More of the day to come, and much more of the week to follow. We’re all excited to see what’s in store, and I’m excited to spend so much time just me and the kids.

Follow our week of adventures on Not So Typical’s Instagram @notsotypicalblog where I’ll be posting updates on our day-to-day, all the cute moments the girls have, and the in-betweens 

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