School Is Back In Session

Tomorrow is the big day: tomorrow is the start of my sophomore year in college. This is a day I have been anticipating all summer. It’s very surreal that my freshman year in college is already behind me, and that I am no longer a newbie at this sort of thing. It still feels like only a month ago that my entire college experience began, not a year ago. However, with the thoughts of new classes, new opportunities, and a new attitude, I am looking at this year with courage and hopefulness. I am beyond excited to see what this year has in store, not only school wise, but in my personal life and in my sorority.

Although school starts tomorrow, I do want to take a moment and remember how incredible this summer was first. This summer was one of the best I have ever had, and not for the reasons you may think. It wasn’t because I got to travel to luxurious places, be relaxed and carefree everyday, or have a wild party-filled summer. No, it was because I had my very first internship, received an A in my online managerial accounting course, and worked my a** off. This summer was one of hard work, dedication, and long days and even longer nights, but somehow it still gave me so much in return.

For my first internship, I was an Events/Logistics Intern for the American Diabetes Association at their Phoenix office. Everyday was different, and everyday was something new. Some days I would gather research for new prospects or the 2016 healthiest employers, and other days I would sit in on 3 different meetings about an upcoming event. I believe the main reason why this internship meant so much to me was because no matter what job I was doing, I always felt valued. I always felt like part of the team, and that the work I was doing really mattered. The ADA was so special is its ability to make their interns know they were appreciated, and for that I thank them.

In more ways than one, I am sad to see this summer come to an end. However, I know that these past few months have helped to shape me into a better version of myself, and that is all we can really ask for, right? With a goodbye to summer, we welcome the start of a new school year and the chance to better ourselves (and hopefully our gpa’s).

Make it count.


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