top ten memories of 2016

becoming a big 

one of the happiest days I’ve had this year was gaining these two as my littles. ever since this day, we have grown closer and closer, and I can’t wait to continue on this college journey with them.

starting a new job 

nothing feels quite as good as doing something that makes you feel valued. working at Kendra is something I never knew I would do, but don’t the most unexpected things sometimes turn out to be the best things?

completing my first internship

this summer I was the events/logistics intern for the American Diabetes Association in Phx. this was hands down one of the best parts of this year. the knowledge, connections, and passion I have gained for the future is what I am most proud of.

nannying these three angels out in laguna beach 

every time I see these three my heart fills with so much joy and light. they have a funny way of making all our little moments into memories, and all our conversations into stories, questions, or bargains.

another year of theta

another year of chapter meetings, late night studying at Hayden, date parties, socials, philanthropies, sisterhoods, and being apart of something bigger than myself.

another year of Arizona State 

cheers to the first semester of sophomore year. cheers to everyone who made it through with me. and cheers to attending the best university possible for me.

… but, keep the old (friends) 

new school years, new opportunities, and new directions tend to separate people. but, I’ve been glad to see some of my old and true friendships maintaining throughout the years.

 it definitely takes two to tango. 

ringing in the new year with dreams and wishes 

sending lanterns into the night sky with my family was pretty spectacular. I’ve never done anything like this before, none of us have, and it meant so much to do it together. we wrote what we hoped 2017 or life would bring, our biggest dreams, and released apart of ourselves into the sky.

soph: rooms

after freshman year, where I had my own room, I moved into Adelphi, the sorority living on campus, and found myself with a roommate. I didn’t know exactly how it would go, but there is no one else I’d rather share a space with.

growing our roots 

this past year, my lovely parents have been upholding their marriage from a distance. my father is in Reno, Nevada and my mother is in Phoenix, Arizona. however, this has taught me a great lesson: family will always be family, no matter where you are or how far. family is  in the heart, in the soul, and in love.

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