A Week of Break

Last week, while leaving my homework and responsibilities behind, my family and I crossed over the ocean to arrive in the sandy beaches of Kauai. We stayed in beautiful Princeville, a place I haven’t been to since about the age of 13.

I figured we would snorkel, explore, sail, whale watch, and do all those things that tourists do when they go on a vacation somewhere like Hawaii. However, I was wrong. See, I was the event planner for this trip. I was the one who called the hotel to arrange activities, check up on everything, and book things. I was the one who made dinner reservations, and made the budget for our trip. Just so you know, we didn’t do a single thing I planned, and we still went over budget.

See, the islands of Hawaii are a special place. This is where relaxation is an expectation, and laying by the pool with a margarita in your hand is commonplace. Or at least my family saw it this way.

One of my favorite days was a day where we threw our plans out the window, and ended up having a better time then we ever knew we would. The day started off in the spa of a neighboring hotel, where each of us was pampered, spoiled, and renewed. After our massages and enjoying all the amenities, we headed back to our hotel to shower and get dressed for a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant. Just to give you an idea of how nice we were getting: my dad said he was going to put on khaki shorts. What a stylish man. Anyway, on our way back, we discovered this hidden pizza place called HideAway Pizza. As we continued to drive back to our hotel, everyone was saying how good pizza sounded. So, of course, we popped a U turn. That night, we had the best pizza on the island.

And that was kind of how the rest of our vacation went: always deciding to do the most relaxing thing that took the least amount of effort. We spent 7 days tanning, some of us getting burned along the way, and practicing the art of overeating. We drank margaritas, we played card games, we mini golfed, and we would do it all again.

I may not have had the typical spring break most people my age did. I did not hit the clubs in Cabo or Mexico. I laughed, I heard stories, and I spent the week with the three people who mean the most.

Mahalo (thank you) family.

hawaii 2 hawaii 3


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