Bucket List

Because I am only twenty-one, I can’t presume to know what life has in store for me.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing after graduation, 10 years from now, or even later tonight… all I am sure of is that I actually want to do the things I said I’d do last year.

So, your list might be kind of goofy, might make you feel embarrassed to complete certain tasks, and other people might not get it. But, that’s perfectly ok. This list is solely for you.

Here’s to more checks off your bucket list.

  1. Road trip to California
  2. Random act of kindness
  3. Karaoke night
  4. Trip to a foreign country
  5. Paint war
  6. Color me red race
  7. Skydiving
  8. Bungee jumping
  9. Take a picture with every attractive guy you see that day
  10. Double date
  11. Get a caricature of me and my boyfriend or best friend
  12. Snowboarding trip
  13. Day of taking pictures in a random place
  14. Trip to Hawaii with friends
  15. Go to a rodeo
  16. Hike Mt Humphreys in Flagstaff
  17. Go on a cruise with amigos
  18. California summer bonfire
  19. Go to the major league sports games of every major sport
  20. Trash a dressing room
  21. Go to an opera
  22. Go to an expensive store and try on outrageously priced clothes
  23. Kick boxing class
  24. Backpack the Grand Canyon
  25. Adopt a rescue dog
  26. Wear a wig and pretend to be someone else for a day
  27. Create a dessert recipe
  28. Mural of chalk
  29. Get a job with my best friend
  30. Teepee a whole neighborhood
  31. Make a movie for a film contest
  32. Extreme coupon day
  33. Get kissed in the rain
  34. Get fit
  35. Cancer walk
  36. Get on tv
  37. Pretend ikea is our home
  38. Girls weekend trip to another state
  39. Pull a two day all nighter
  40. Have a romantic picnic
  41. Camp out on the beach
  42. Party on a boat… preferably a yacht
  43. Day of yoloing (you only live once i.n.g.)
  44. Plane flight by myself
  45. Learn to surf
  46. Get into a taxi and yell follow that car
  47. Be a lifeguard for a summer
  48. Trip to Coney island
  49. Joining a sorority
  50. have a one night stand
  51. Vegas trip for 21st birthday
  52. Being shut up by a kiss
  53. Flash mob
  54. Epic prank call
  55. Officer position in a sorority
  56. Graduating from Arizona state
  57. Singing at an open mic night
  58. Dancing in the rain
  59. Travel the world
  60. Attend Coachella
  61. Write a book and get it published
  62. Get married
  63. Have kids
  64. Scuba dive
  65. Take a photography class
  66. Own a home
  67. Write letters to my husband
  68. Go to the Ellen show
  69. attend mardi gras in New Orleans
  70. go skinny dipping
  71. learn to sail
  72. give a motivational speech one day
  73. do a trivia night
  74. have my dream job
  75. become a yogi
  76. have my 1st internship